Revealed at last: TGO challenge 2014 route day 1 Torridon

The TGO Challenge requires each participant to plot a route from one of several points on the west coast of Scotland to the East coast. Each year the chairman lists the more unpopular of these starting points and urges members to use these. One such place is Torridon. Probably less popular by virtue of being the most northern, and also not so well served by public transport.

Download file for GPS

On the map it looks very attractive – with hill, beach, youth hostel, and pub.

The earliest sign-out time is 9:00am, regarded by many as a late start and thus deserving a short first day. My route leads to a popular camping spot on the other side of Achnashellach, but at 32km with some significant ascent this is really too far. I want to take in the two mountain tops of Sgorr Ruadh and Fuar Tholl.

With fine weather a high camp near Fuar Tholl by Loch Coire Lair is an attractive option on the map, but this will leave me with 6 or 7km to catch up on the next day, probably impossible. The obvious alternative is to camp in the valley near the river, but this does not look discrete enough.

The OS Map show above can be pulled around in the frame and zoomed in and out.

7 thoughts on “Revealed at last: TGO challenge 2014 route day 1 Torridon”

  1. Wowza.
    You're certainly going for it on those first three days!
    The very best of luck with that, Paul. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for fine weather.
    We should bump into each other in Braemar.
    All the best

  2. My vetter was not very keen about this bit. The problem was how to cut it into four days? And so much depends on the weather.

  3. Hi JJ! Will you be staying with SYHA on Thursday night? I thought there was a pub here, but on looking at the map I'm not so sure.

  4. Thanks for the confirmation Alan. On the map it appeared and disappeared depending on the magnification … but now it seems to be there all the time. Is the signing out point at the youth hostel?

  5. It is Paul.
    Sign out at 9:00am – but you'll find that quite few folk sign it the night before to get away for an early start – you might find that useful?
    All the very best for your walk – it looks like a stunner.

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