Saturday Bread

4 ‘Tartine’ style loaves, two tins with Stoates 100% organic wholemeal (foreground right), and two tempered with 15 % white plus 15% rye (back to right). Last month in Oslo I spent the nights on a mattress in my host’s library. The first of many temping volumes was Tartine Bread. The author Chad Robertson has

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Baker’s delight

Getting great flour is not so difficult in this Internet age, but getting flour at a reasonable price is not so easy.   I recently spotted the story of a home baker scaling up – Birch Cottage Bread. An interesting subject for me as my Kenwood mixer bought specially for preparing dough had stopped working, and I

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Bread at Midnight

My sourdough starter harvested from the air in middle England 2 or more years ago is now quite reliable. I keep it in the fridge and normally refresh it every week. Some weeks I forget and it goes a fortnight without refreshment. I’ve even left it 3 weeks while I’ve been away on holiday and

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Saturday Loaves

Getting the wholegrain flours to rise like the white is challenge I’ve yet to regularly overcome. The loaves on the left are 80% strong wheat wholemeal with about 15% strong white wheat flour and a small part of rye. Although the dough rises well during preparation at the last minute it has a tendency to

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Satuday Bread with Greens

    All is growing like crazy in the garden. Some of those herbs that are so prolific will never get used – ours are dominated by lots of different variations on oregano. This selection went into the weekend loaf – oreganos, parsleys, rosemary, chives, winter savoury, sage, rucola. The recipe which inspired this diversion:-

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Saturday Bread

These loaves look great from the top, but actually a bit thin as they failed to rise before bedtime. A normal-ish brown loaf for hereabouts with a ratio of around 850 grams stoneground whole wheat (strong), 150 gm strong white, and 60 gm of whole rye flour. The usual starter, reinvigourated with about 100gm of

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