The TGO Challenge Teaser

So I was naive. Optimistic. Gullable. I read my email from the Events Coordinator with a dose of wishful thinking. When I receive a comment ‘we should know if we have places soon’ I realised something might be wrong with my assumptions. A letter arrived early this month to say “I am very sorry to tell you …”.

Placing on the standby list is 53. Indication is 30-40 may get placed eventually through drop-outs. So there’s not much chance for next year!

As a teaser I have all the Rules, the Guidelines, a History, Route Planning Notes, and a complete list of participants. So I feel part of the club .. almost.

3 thoughts on “The TGO Challenge Teaser”

  1. Hi Paul

    I would not give up hope. The reason for that is that the standby list itself will have drop outs. A slim chance, but a real one.

  2. a friend of mine was in the mid to high 50's on standbyfor this year's Challenge (2010). They got word of a place early in April, so if you can wait …

  3. Thanks for the comment David. Looking at the list of participants there's at surprising number in the mid to high 50's! But seriously one month to plan it may be a bit short for me ..and there is mention of the 'new system' where instead of allocating 300 places for 2011, 330 are allocated .. 'because there are always some dropouts'. Which makes me think that compared with previous years I'm past nr 80!

    Time will tell ..

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