Beginnings of Autumn

Suddenly there’s a new perfume in the air. As other plants fade ivy is in bloom everywhere, and bees are making their last sorties for nectar. To be stored as over-wintering food. And spiders patrol their webs on every bush.

Blue Tit ways?

The bird boxes are busy. On camera – box #1 has been occupied for two weeks now. Mother Blue Tit is sitting in. Mum has been busy sitting, rearranging, housekeeping.    It was some days before we managed to see what she was sitting on (when she was taking the rubbish out?) Seven nicely formed …

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Aphids All Ready!

The ladybirds in the previous post obviously know this was coming! But where are they now? I know my lupins will be eaten to a skeleton within a few days by this lot! Last weekend clouds of mozzy-like insects on the Thames path in Berkshire bodes ill for a midge-free Scotland in May.