Birdy: Business as Usual

It is has become harder to network Windows XP with Windows 10, so we missed some of the pictures during the development of this nestfull. But now a new solution, which makes the traditional old camera into an IP device brings the pictures right home. For a live feed look here

Plant Quiz! What is it?

I used to be keen on Chiltern Seeds bargain offers. They sell several types of ‘anonymous mix’ which provides a single packet of a thousand or more seeds such as perennials or annuals. Then they sell a ‘non-anonymous mix’ which provides 5 or 10 packets of their choosing. One of the latter, I think gave …

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‘Tis the season of the Nettle! Time for Nettle Bread

One of the first herbs to appear in the spring is the common stinging nettle. Foragers everywhere start on nettle soup. But if you leave it many weeks those temping bright greens turn grey-ish and dusty, agressive looking and stinging. This year I managed to investigate before the moment had gone – not with soup …

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Gather up Them ‘Erbs

Everything is growing like crazy. Oregano sprouting up all over the place. Rosemary waving in the wind. Chives clumping here and there, not to mention a bit of sage and thyme.  Gather up a handful or, rather, and armful and add it to your favorite bread recipe. Four loaves here made with a sourdough starter …

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