TGO Routing – part 1 probably

I’ve pressed on with route planning using the OS Getamap online program. It seems simple to use and operates at 1:50000 or 1:25000 depending on the level of zoom.

Pages at either scale can be printed out on A4. Colour is by far better and clearer than black and white.

To view a wide area there’s a ‘zoom’ mode which redraws the image with a simpler map – the familiar OS markings disappear – and there’s a satalite view which on first glance does not rival Google.

Routes are created by mouseclicks and are saved online. Route cards can be downloaded in PDF format and coordinates can be transferred to a Garmin satnav, or saved locally as a GPX file.

It is easy to spend long and enjoyable hours planning each leg of the route. Checking in guide books. Reviewing references on the internet. Zooming in on Googlemaps to spot bridges and buildings. Getting comments from fellow walkers. Then flying through a digital image of the landscape. Unfortunately Christmas time is a busy season, and it has been too hard to find those hours.

After a long time on the first 2 pages of the map I found comments from those that had been there before carefully not recommending this way. It seems the best consideration and research is easily undermined. So lets get a route out, then gather up comments and in-depth research. This way at least the job will be done!

So here it is:- Morar to St Cyrus in 26 pages of 1:50000!

Next to get it in a format for the vetters. Construct the bad weather alternatives. Where are the overnight spots? And where to look for indoor accomodation?

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