Tokyo Jazz: Shibusashirazu Orchestra at ShinJuku Pit Inn

My guidebook describes the typical Tokyo jazz club program as ‘geriatric’. Not a comment on the music which can be as exciting and high quality as in any in the US or Europe, but rather on the hours they keep. This suits me just fine!

With a sleep deficit and a slight fear of the unexpected a program which says ‘door opens 7:30, music starts 8:00pm, music stops 10:30pm’ sounds just great to me.

To be sure, its not too easy. Finding an address in Tokyo for a non-native is not straight forward. The instructions on the website might get you to the neighborhood. Then allow upto an hour to search the streets, make sense of the map you downloaded, and find the right building.

The Shibusashirazu Orchestra played a great set with some impressive soloists tightly managed by their chain smoking conductor and with strange silent figures moving around infront of the stage.
See what you think:-

And – as promised – the program ended in time for the last trains at 11:00pm!

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