The Guardian does punk food?

With some spare time and a Waitrose card, I’ve taken to skimming over the newsprint of the Guardian (free to Waitrose shoppers).

At weekends I’ve found a supplement full of recipes and pictures of the most unappetising food.


New technology allows high quality colour printing in newpapers. The Guardian’s photographers skillfully arrange the food to have a ‘natural’ look and capture the intrinsic shades of grey and beige, always with a few lumpybits reminiscent of vomit – either fresh-ish as above, or sickydog style as below.

Note how the carefully crafted food is offset against dirty cutlery, and junk yard furniture.

The pictures are from this weekend in November, but are typical from what I have seen over the last few weeks.

This weekend the special supplement called ‘Cook’ even overflowed to the weekend magazine where many more pages are devoted to brown food!

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