2012 TGOC challenge day 9 to the top of Feshie Burn

We have to call ‘Control’ regularly so that our progress is monitored and to pickup messages about weather and conditions. We were told ‘too much snow on top of Cairngorms please use foul weather alternatives’.

This suited me and my poor feet. A gentle stroll on the track up the Feshie valley and down the other side was a much better prospect than 4 or 5 mountains the trackless terrain of my ‘plan A’.

At a B&B it is impossible to get away early, and I hobbled off at around 9 o’clock. Soon I heard the tap-tap of walking poles behind me. IOW Colin from Dumfries was charging along and I managed to join him for a few fast kilometres. But eventually I had to relent and listen to my painful feet which demanded a much slower pace.

There were many footprints from challengers that had passed here the day before. This is one of the funnel points from west to east especially in bad weather.

Much of the Feshie valley is wide and attractive with green grass, Cyprus style conifers, and a pleasant track to walk on.

It was a little later that I fully noticed my planned distances were not correct. Measuring a map using straight lines is not accurate at all. By early evening I reached a bridge at the top of the valley with a sign reading Bramar 17 miles – and I was expecting just a few more hours to go!

Another night camping high and cold although fortunatey without wind this time.

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