TGOC Morar to St Drostan’s – The Pictures

Morar & The Way East!

 Here’s some of the pictures. Click on any picture below …. you will probably a a zoomed image showing more detail. The location map feature is not available here.

TGO blogs for following years include OS maps of the route which no longer work on the original Google’s Blogspot posts.

2 May TGOC

3 thoughts on “TGOC Morar to St Drostan’s – The Pictures”

  1. One heck of of a route for your first few days! All that weather in Knoydart and still a great route – how on earth did you cross those rivers?

    What an achievement! – A nice route through the Monadh Liath too – looked a bit chilly…

    Will you be back for more then?

  2. O rivers! Bloated streams! Raging torrents! You probably remember the routine Alan when you wore leathern boots – 30 min to go through the process – sort out the positioning, psych-up to doing it, then decommission the gaiters, remove the boots with their special lacing system, the socks and on with those never changing Crocs, stow the gaiters and socks, tie the boots together, attach somewhere (for me around the neck), then tentatively shuffle while facing upstream and leaning into the flow and feeling for foot places with walking poles. Then, assuming a safe crossing, drying off and replacing Crocs with boots.

    Trouble was this day one bloated stream followed another. I probably spent half the day dressing or undressing. Eventually, tired and frustrated, I realised my feet and boots were quite wet and so I started to wade in without changing, without the careful evaluation and psych-up session and this was my downfall. Full immersion. Not exactly unpleasant – and thankfully everything was tied on from specs to walking poles so I didn't lose anything.

    After going through all the planning. Then following the plan and thinking about it day after day during the walk and in my dreams it is hard to imagine not doing it again with another similar plan.

    Is this addictive? Or why do most people do it again? (and again?)

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