Begone Bad Blisters! (or Compeed is Not Enough)

Anti-blister kit

My new anti-blister kit!

Keeping feet in good shape is essential for a walking trip long or short.

Blisters and foot pain comes from friction. Reduction of friction must be a priority – and is something Compeed and the newer specialist blister plasters do not address.

Also a priority is to keep dressings in place – despite friction, perspiration, and wet.

Moleskin provides friction reduction. Leukotape is the medical version of Duct tape – super sticky. Friars’ Balsam provides the Benzoin which help guarantee good adhesion to skin.

A few more grams for my pack!

2 thoughts on “Begone Bad Blisters! (or Compeed is Not Enough)”

  1. Of course, you could try a good sock & shoe combination? I used to get appalling blisters, until I bought custom-fit Superfeet insoles and had my boots fitted by the same people that did my insoles. I always use a very thin wicking liner sock and a merino mid-weight sock. Apart from one year (when I wore trail shoes) I haven't had a blister for 17 years. I rub a very thin smear of Vaseline between my toes and on the balls of my feet and heels. It works for me!

  2. Thanks for the tip Alan. I know some people have this problem sorted, and it sound like you are one of the fortunate ones.

    On the other hand many suffer ill-fitting shoes through no fault of their own. Walking long and wet under these circumstances requires some countermeasures ready in the rucksack.

    With light trail shoes which fit snugly I have no problem. With boots however the half size difference between my left foot and right foot seems unbridgeable – no matter how I arrange my Superfeet insoles, or volume reducers, or heel wedges, or socks!

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