2012 TGOC day 2 reprise

Day 2 started three hours or so behind the plan. This was made a little worse by an unscheduled rush up a top towards the end of the ridge from Tarbet.

Its easy to forget that its not only time that is a constraint but also energy and body wear-and-tear. Daylight hours are very long at this time of year, but the body does not have any extra strength to take advantage.

The pressure was on today to make the most of the weather as rain and gales were forecast for the west Highlands starting on Saturday night.

After 10 hours of walking I had covered 4 tops on 3 different ridges and I cut directly off the side of the last ridge towards a recommended camp spot.

On the south shore of a small North-South lake this was not ideal with gales expected from the north in the night.

Unfortunately an hour spent running around the area did not reveal anywhere sheltered. I got the tent up on the lake shore and the sides normally straight under tension were curving in dramatically with the increasing wind.

This was a severe test of the design of the MLD Trailstar which it passed well. The only mishap was when one peg became loose and flapping – it moved so fast in the wind it was impossible to see it – when I recovered it there were a couple of small holes it had made in the fabric.

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