2012 TGOC day 7

I woke to whiteness outside. The rain had turned to snow.

There’s a big water project at this end of the Monaliadth. A project that has gone slightly wrong. So the reservoir on my map was empty of water. Instead through the cloud and snow flurries I could see earth moving equipment with flashing lights and men with high-viz clothing directing unexplainable actions – like a sci-fI movie.

I and a few lost sheep followed one of the construction roads to the east of the site. Then a compass bearing to find the top of a pathless valley heading east.

This terrain was remarkably desolate. The distances long. And progress was slow. The only buildings were abandoned. After making contact with a distant track and following this for an hour or two it was time to head south. Much later in time than planned, but with much less distance covered I finally pitched the tent.

A cold night. I woke in the morning all covered in snow.

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