TGOC 2014 route day by day

There has been some strange happenings with my access to OS mapping. After a couple of weeks it suddenly became unavailable. At first I thought it was a service problem, but other sites continued to work normally.

Without help from OS Technical Support all I could do was set up a new user ID and register my web pages exactly as before using the new access code. After waiting some time it seems that, with the new code, things are back to how they were before. Without knowing the cause of the problem however I cannot be confident that the maps will not disappear again!

If you want to see the whole route and you did not find your way there before use these day-by-day links. Click on each day to see the route marked in blue. You can pull the map around in the window below and zoom in and out. To return to the list use the browser back key.

1 Torridon to Craig via Sgorr Ruadh and Fuar Tholl

Download file for GPS

Allt a’ Chonais to Iron Lodge via Lurgh Mohr & Bidein a’ Choire Sheasgaich

Download file for GPS

Tracking maps for following days have been run into one another ….

2 thoughts on “TGOC 2014 route day by day”

  1. Good luck with that Paul,I hope you're packing ice axe and crampons.
    Oh, and toilet paper for those "desperate" descents.


  2. Yes maybe I need to check the weather before I go! We've had heavy rain in the South. This may translate into snow up there and, if not, at least high water in the rivers. Day 2 is a bit worrying in that respect …

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